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Still not Dead, just elsewhere [03 Jan 2010|02:23pm]
Family is well, D is home, warrick is 16 mos. I never get on here honestly....

Im still veggin over at my myspace but have recently started a blog dedicated to my ranting, crafting and makeup obsession.


Loads of tutorials, swatches and mayhem. Tomorrow Im posting a mini top hat tutorial.
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Back to Louisiana [19 Apr 2008|07:27pm]
I swear this time I mean it when I say Ill write more often. I don't have much of a choice now seeing as D is in Iraq, and Im back in little town Louisiana. Yay for living online eh?

This town is insane. Its rich, yet has horrible ghetto sections. Everytime I leave the house it feels like an offroading adventure as the roads are pretty much terrible. I always feel like Im in a jeep comercial, climbing the mountinous regions in search of wild wooly bears or something.  And as terrible as the roads are, the quaint little boutiques and bistros are amazing and gorgeous. Go fucking figure.

The Mcdonalds here has not one, but TWO rocky waterfall fountains for the drivethrough. It has a loungy leather couch wifi area and I shit you not, and x box gaming area.  And yet just behind mcdonalds is an extremely poor area of town that Katrina evacs settled into.

Im trying to figure out how I work myself into this town. Im young(ish), tattooed, pregnant with my second child and my husband is in iraq.  I dont exactly have a ready set group of people to fall into. I will say that walmart scares me. A an with no teeth waited for me to get off my cellphone to hit on me. Im not sure what part of obviously pregnant, with a ring and a small child indicates that Im interested in a guy with no teeth but oh well.

Ah well, Im sure Ill have many adventures.
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Adventures in Shopping or How Lyn nearly Shit her Pants in a Cab [14 Jan 2008|12:52am]



So as you may be able to tell from the title of this little blog that I had an adventurous day. I did.

and I nearly did.

But Ill get into that in a bit.

So at the wonderous hour of 3am, I was awoken quite rudely by my stomach. Ill let you guess what I did, but Im sure you know. I prayed quietly to the porcelain gods to let this be the worst of today.

And it was!

I got up in fine spirits, a bit queasy, but I downed some Grape Powerade (go go B-6!!) and felt good. So D and I decided to get our taxes done. He went to print off his w-2, only to find it is not available now untill the 22nd. BOOOOO. They said the 11th!! Motherfuckers. So our go-buggy will not be fixed untill feb now. Again.....BOOOOO.

Annnyway. Bonds gave us a ride to Wallyworld. This was sometime around 1:30ish. D spoiled the motherfucking SHIT out of me. Im pretty sure he is feeling bad about knocking me up, thus causing me a world of discomfort....because I had to say NO to a bunch of crap or wed be some broke ass bitches. But he got me some squishy socks trimmed in leopard print furry goodness(cause my feet are always so cold, and he hates when I stick my freezing ass feet up his backside)...I got a super comfy new bamboo fiber bra because My titties are insane. My bras have quit trying to contain the wonder that is my mammeries. So yeah.....new big ass bra. New cute as shit panties with cartoony shit on em.

A new purse....which Im wondering if D has a purse fetish...That man is ALWAYS talking about buying me new purses. The other day he was goin gon about buying me a Doony and Burke purse because at the PX they are only 150. Ok....D&B purses are fucking UGLY. As. Shit. And I can think of alot of things I could buy and would rather buy with a buck fitty. Like a corset (sob) or a new crib. Or a new tattoo (sniff) but yeah. He mentioned a few times how his ex (and yes I knew her) used to sucker men into buying her outrageously priced handbags. Bags that cost more than a down payment. Bags that come with satin bags to put the bags in. Why the fuck does a purse need a purse to carry it in? I dont get it. To me...a purse is something that I put my wallet, keys, phone, diapers, juice, crackers, cookies, makeup, hatchet, knife, and maybe a brush in. I guess of all the things in the world to spend money on.....a purse just isnt one of them.

Wow....Tangent. But yeah, a new purse which is cute and crumb free. woot! Now it might not sound like alot to most of you. Wow...panties and a bra, socks and a purse. Heres the thing....Im really low matinence. Im the girl you try to buy shit for and Im like.....we need so many other things than something that seems frivilous. Also he tried to get me to buy multiples of everything. And he actually tried to get me to get alot more....hell he tried to get my ass into maternity to start buying pants (my ass aint that big yet baby!) The way I figure...if I dont need it...why bother right now. But the stuff I got I needed (aside from the purse cause I have like....4) We also dropped like 3 bills on groceries. I hate that ingrained sense of panic I have from being Poor As Fuck. 300 dollars *heart attack* I hafta say though...that new Simply Apple apple juice aint no joke. That shit is the best thing Ive put in my mouth. If D came Simply Apple, hed have a chaffed dick.

Annnnnyway. We called the cab. Waited. Waited. Waited. We waited for a motherfucking HOUR. Then the cab shows up. And he smells like he may have been drinking...With another passenger.....so our 300$ worth of groceries can't go in the truck. WTF. So we pile them up, juice and shit all under our legs....worried sick that our frozen shit is no longer frozen....and the cabbie drives all the fuck out to east killeen. Now I have to say...my stomach was pissed off. Not puking sick....bubbly in the butt sick. That hollow feeling deep in your bowels that burbles up and says "Hey Bitch! get your ass to a bathroom!" See I hadnt been going so much since I hadnt eaten hardly in the last week. And then I drank a shitload of powerade. And then I walked all over walmart. And stirred up my tummy.

Now I had dropped a few bombs Bush might have approved of in walmart waiting for the cab. Id giggle madly waiting for D to realise the source of my amusement. and then hed look at me like Id grown a third head and whisper "wtf are you rotting in there???" Well....we get to the old womans house all the fuck over there and I get that feeling that says You need to shit NOW.

My asscheeks have not had a workout like that in years. I clenched my cheeks together fervently praying that drunken overzealous anal sex didn't damage my sphincter. I promised God to start using the stairmaster. Every bump between there and home I thought, no...I KNEW it was all over. I imagined the worst. Liquid shit all over the cab. The cab staring at me in horror. D staring at me in horror. I kept picturing the girls in SWAP.AVI, and knew I would share their fate(the covered in shit part, not the eating it) I pictured that girl from GoldCup, the stripper who miscalculated a fart and shit on her customer...And I knew in that moment that every single person would know if I shit my pants. How many girls in killeen have skulls and roses on their chests? I wished I had worn a tshirt so I could remain annonymous in my shame.

Alas the poo poo gods answered my prayers and we arrived, poo-free at home. I ran for the door, not even stopping to explain to D why I had to get inside.


I have never known such relief. I feel very humbled.

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My Hormones have a Body Count.. [04 Jan 2008|11:24am]

Tonight trying to make dinner was quite eventfull.

I know what your thinking..."pregnant woman makes dinner....pukes guts out" right?

Nu uh. No, tonight was a testament to the sheer clumsiness of myself.


It started out innocently enough. I had to feed the fish, which is currently number 2 on my list of icky chores...second only to washing day old dishes. So I feed the fish. We have big fish, a giant koi and a bunch of other goldfish family types. So we have to feed them big stinky pellets of food. Yum! Well....my stupid ass dropped the fucking full brand new jar or food, sending stinky ass pellets all over my fucking kitchen. So I swept em up, holding my breath.

Washed my hands and went to work on the chicken I had thawing in zippy bags in hot water in the sink. I pulled one out and the recipe I had called for them to be pounded flat. Well I dont have a kitchen mallet, so I figured using a flat bottomed skillet might get em flat enough. Well what i didn't count on was the slipperness of raw chicken in a zippy bag. And I didn't seal the bag well enough. I smacked that chicken with that pan and the chicken shot right out of that zippy bag and flew accross the kitchen, onto you guessed it...the freshly de-fish pelleted floor. I also got sprayed in the face with raw chicken juice. Mmm.

So I rinsed off the chicken pretty good(oh like youve NEVER done that) and chloroxed down the counters and floor and washed my hands and face pretty good with Dawn....then I had to hunt down the olive oil. Well....Gage got this giagantic coffin shaped box full of gummy candy body parts from his Mimi and Paw pawand it was up in the cabinet in front of the olive oil.

Yes, thats right. Roughly 250 random individually wrapped (thank god) body parts were strewn all over my fucking kitchen floor.



That was all in about a 15 minute time span. When I tell you I was cursing like a damned sailor with crabs and no razor.....well...I was. Yay for clumsy!

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Round 2. [02 Jan 2008|11:58am]
Well, Im thinking Im coming abck to LJ for the simple fact that myspace appears to dump your old entries or something, and blogspot is far too confusing. 

and Im pregnant. again. 

So here is hoping for our girl, lord knows Gage is far too active for me to handle two boys (although Im sure it wouldnt kill me) Plus this is the last pregnancy I plan on going through. As soon as Im done, Im trying to get a hysterectomy since my family gets uterin cancer like crazy. 

But yeah...the next few days I will overhaul my page and start back with the witty.
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So Im not dead. Im married. [28 Mar 2007|01:05pm]

Dun dun DUN!

Daniel joined the military and we got married. Gage is huge. Michael was psychotic. and by psychotic I mean....certifiable. 

so yeah long story short D and I are back together and contemplating adding more to our family.



I never update this but Im on myspace regularly.


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Holy Karmic Rage [18 Apr 2006|11:46pm]

Here is a list of events since April 4th.

Discover that when heated in the sun, car smells of vomit. Use upholstry cleaner on it.
Gage vomits in newly cleaned upholstry. Clean it again.
Roll down windows to avoid mildew...cat jumps in car and pisses on seats.
Get rearended.
Car dies completely. (trunk light got stuck on and killed ze battery.)
Insurance takes sweet old time fucking up the claim...I wait 6 days for rental car.
Did I mention I re fucked up my back? Yup, 2 years of physical therepy...down the drain.
Can't take muscle relaxants as they make me unconcious.
Didn't win the lottery.
Find out Dad is in hospital and has been for a week. In intensive care no less.
Michael hands me 60$ at a casino...cause Hey! its got to turn around sometime right? Lose it all in 20 minutes at the damned PENNY slots.
Lose promotion to a shitty employee who has been with the company slightly longer than me. BAH.

But yeah...things are just one after the other. I haven't even had a chance to do laundry or get online in ages. So yes....Im alive. but uh...in financial straights so to speak. Im taking as many hours as possible and hunting furiously for a second job. Gage is great and was NOT in the car thank god. I may have killed the damn kid who hit me if he had been. I probably won't be on alot...no internet at the house.

Uh if you want my phone number.....ask away and Ill send it when I get the chance.
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Fuck [05 Apr 2006|06:58pm]
I got rearended at a red light on the way home from work. Me in my dinky NEW neon....the 16 year old in a 350 dodge with a god damned cattle guard. My favorite part was how he had his foot in a boot cast from a previous wreck.

My car is fucked.
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Internet Roundabout [04 Apr 2006|07:35pm]
I love how diverse the internet is. I really do. I love that people can express themselves and their views.

What I love even more is that ANYONE can get noticed for the weirdest and most bizarre of things. Take the Numa Numa guy. I don't know his name....do I know the numa song..oh hell yes. How about Chuck Norris. 6 months ago no one was talking about him......now he is the original Bad Ass.

I don't know quite how far reaching this twisted little thing has gone, but lets say that someone came into my job and asked if I were "Lynny on Lj". I assumed I had a teensy bit of annonymity....but I guess there are only so many tattooed single mothers with kids named Gage who work in a mall part time and are certified phlebotomists in Lake Charles.

Id like to say a few things, first off I never dreamed this would happen. I figured either the post would be ignored, or she would post a few retorts on RoganBoard and that would be all. When I came home from work to find a full mailbox.....I was a little stunned. Then the hilarity ensued.

Second, I don't spend massive amounts of time online. I haven't even been online since sunday night. When I do get online it is because my house is clean, Im off work, and my son is either napping, or is down for the night. My son is my first priority, little internet spats are not. His teeth finally came in. Poor dude had a couple of eye teeth onj the bottom working up. Thanks for all the advice, but he has never used teething rings. He generally uses either frozen waffles(dear god, he is almost two....that ship has sailed) or my least favorite option...he uses my jeans or my fingers. Ouch. Regardless his teeth are in, and peace has returned to the land.

Third, I never received anything from livejournal. Not a single thing. Obviously the complaint was silly or I would have. I love when some things are glaringly evident to everyone but the person who ought to be able to see it first. I don't believe that the complaint was rescinded. I think it was simply that she saw things in a second light and realized...."Oh crap.....I came off looking like a total douche." I think that her claim that she canceled her complaint is her effort to backpedal and control damage.....since way more people saw this then ever expected. "Passive Aggressive" If the "psychobabble" shoe fits....wear it in style I guess.

Lastly, and this one is important. I do not think people are stupid for living in New Orleans. I think people are stupid for STAYING in New Orleans, knowing that a cat 5 hurricane is bearing down on them. Like I said before...Id have walked out if I needed too. One of the girls I met when I volunteered had to go to the hospital because of severe sunburn. She and her friends and family packed into the back of a pickup truck. They spent I think something like 16 hours stuck in traffic en route to safety. Sure, she had massive burns and that was painful.....but she didn't starve, get shot, drown or anything else that could have happened in NO.

So let me repeat that. I do not think people are stupid for living in New Orleans. I do feel terrible for the loss of life, and for people that lost everything. But I do believe that the people who stayed after everything and didn't evacuate as soon as possible....they are stupid and I feel no pity. Safeguarding the ruins of your house isn't as important as the life of your family. Thats all on that subject.

Oh, and P.S. I unfriended the entry in question. Its public now, as requested.

Id like to thank everyone who actually stood up and said WTF along with me. I think I shook my head and said WTF and OMG a few hundred times. Soon enough I'll have new pictures of Gage and I and our shiney clean house. Anyhow....Im off to do laundry. Im so negligent and disturbed.
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Make up your fucking mind. [01 Apr 2006|06:40pm]
I made the entry friends only because you whined on and on about how it was defamation of character.

Now you call me a coward for making it friends only.

Seeing as LJ hasn't emailed me regarding ANYTHING, if the assault on my journal continues I will make the entry public, and actually post the link as far and wide as I can.

You are crazy. Thats fact, not opinion.
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Dear Ms Brite [31 Mar 2006|09:28pm]
If you intend to file a complaint and attempt to get my account suspended, I would suggest you get your vapid brainwashed flying monkeys to not post on my page. I haven't posted on your community since the initial post, nor have I tried to delete it. I wasn't trolling....yes I enjoy drama....but mostly I believe people ought to be able to defend themselves. You chose to attack me personally. Take my journal down. Im just a drop in the pond and a general target for your rancour.

I never posted a single copywritten image. I never posted any copywritten words.

I have saved images of deleted posts on my page. I have left my own post on your page up....

Now the true question is...if you aren't trolling me, then how do you know I posted this?
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Poppy Z Brite, a Rant.... [31 Mar 2006|08:00pm]
I post on the Rogan board. Its entertaining.

A post came up about Poppy Z Brite and her dislike for Carlos Mencia. Rogan shares a similer distaste for him....but for much different reasons. Ms Brite's reasons were....annoying and a little pretentious. I was semi dared to try and get her to post on the board....I posted a thing on her community on LJ.

Oh the flaming! See...I enjoy a good flame war. But it has to be two sided and hilarious. If someone comes up with something witty and insults the hell out of me...I laugh my ass off. I enjoy the back and forth.

This was subpar even as rabid gothy vampire wannabe fans go. It was mostly FUCK YOU CUNT.....shit like that. A few declared that Lip liner is quite a deadly chemical and my son will be dead because he scribbled on the walls while I shat one day.

Lip liner is exactly as deadly as if he had sucked down a bottle of bleach you know? Nevermind that my chemicals are kept in a high cupboard with a child lock on it. Nevermind that I keep flat solid plates screwed over unused electrical outlets....not trusting the plastic plug in things.

He got ahold of lipliner! I must be terrible. Also he is going to be a child raper or some other such nonsense....should he indeed make it past childhood in my chemical toyland.

He is going to be stupid and ignorant and socially inept. Nevermind that he is 21 months old, speaks in short sentences, has a vocabularly like a 3 or 4 year old, can identify animals correctly by name, identify colors and numbers and by the way....always says thank you...even if please occasionaly elludes him. Im a terrible horrid mother.

Also....Im a fatass. Thats right kids....Poppy Z Brite's fans have declared ME a fatass. Nevermind that she easily outweighs me by about 60 or 80 pounds. Nevermind that I have actively been dieting...and am down to 155 from 189 since november. Im fucking ENORMOUS.

Im also the reason the world is overpopulated. Im a selfish breeder. My single child consumes 6 billion peoples worth of food every year. He is obviously a little fatass too huh?

Im also ignorant and uneducated, I have no job and depend on the country to provide me with shelter, heat, food, and gas. I, single handedly have brought down the country. Nevermind that I went to school, got the highest grades in my graduating class and am now waiting for monday to find out which of the two hospitals I've applied at will offer the best package. I've already had two interviews at each...Nevermind that I currently have a job, and pay my bills on time. Im a drain on society. Im the leech on your pocket.

Im also a self important, pretentious writer of overrated vampire smut. I rail on about politics but have never done anything of importance. I truely believe that I am a gay man trapped in a womans body...but I refuse a sex change operation because of my 25 cats I feed. The very same 25 cats I am currently seeking donations to feed. But Im a successfull writer. Who needs donations....FOR CATS. I also dabble in gay culinary smut. Its very cutting edge. Nevermind the fact that Im riding Anne Rice's coattails. Or licking her pussy for inspiration. Or trying to be weirder than her...Nevermind that Anne Rice is also a crazy, weird, incest obsessed jesus freak. Nevermind that Anne Rice is only creative when it involves incest and interbreeding. I still want to be Just Like Her. But not like her at all. Nevermind that I have all of this New Orleans pride and insist that people died not because they didn;t fucking leave.....but because they were misinformed. They were tricked by the evil levee builders. No one could possibley have known that they lived in a fucking soup bowl and even though the dummy mayor or governer or whoever told them to get the fuck out....they didn't. They were tricked.

Wait...that last one isn't me at all. Hmmm.....Someone really ought to donate to feed her 25 cats...they must be simpley starving. At least I can afford to feed my contribution to an overpopulated society.

Sweety...if you can't even bare to put down a bunch of cats humanely....you might want to curb your overzealous fans on the whole overpopulation thing. I've never killed a human being before.....how many of your fans have?
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[17 Mar 2006|12:00am]
oh my god

In the five minutes it took me to uh...use the restroom....

Gage found my makeup bag, unzipped it, uncapped my Long Last HOT FUCKING PINK lip liner....

And scrawled all over the white cabinits, fridge and walls.

This isnt my house....its Michaels moms....we're house sitting....

Thank you vingar. However the fridge handles are still pink tinted.

I have yet to find the offending pencil....so he may do it again later. Im going to have to kill him.
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[16 Mar 2006|10:31pm]
Grandma reset Gage's bedtime schedule in the few days she had him. No longer does he fall to sleep nicely at 7:30 and wake at 8. Oh no. He now fights sleep untill 1am and wakes whenever I make his ass get up.

I nearly punched a pediatrician today. He YELLED at me.....for literally no reason. He then made an orderly cry.

The bags under my eyes are starting to rival ashly olson's purses.

Im down to 160 pounds and a waist size of 30 inches. This is due to the fact that I no longer have time to eat. I never believed people who said they had no time to eat....but I have not had time to eat. I barely had time to do groceries.

Spent 140 today on new glasses + eye exam. Turns out....My sight is deteriorating. To think...I thought I was just a little crazy.

Gage is still limping...Im suspecting its his hip that is fractured. He keeps falling onto it and it gets worse. I have another appt tomorrow morning with his normal (READ: NICE) pediatrician. Also.....turns out kids need shots at 15 months.....I was never informed of this.....so he is now VERY behind on his shots.

OFS wont get off my nuts about my pay stubs. Seriously....I have NO FUCKING TIME to spend 3 or 6 hours with a fucking TODDLER in that office where they frown upon feeding children.

Michael's mom is coming back this weekend. So tomorrow after I take Gage to his appt, go to work and all that jazz....I then have to fend off the toddler of DOOM and manage to carpet wash, sweep, mop and generally make pretty. I smell a multiple adderall day.

I got my certification in......now I need to find time to go apply at the hospitals. Suppose theyd mind if I had el bambino with me? Im guessing thats tacky. I REALLY can't afford the deposit the daycare is demanding.

I think I might be smoking again. I really don;t want to....but jesus it is hard to give up again...especially in times of stress....

Speaking of...
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This isn't aimed at anyone on my friends list.... [13 Feb 2006|06:56pm]
Ive just been dealing with ALOT of "childfree by choice" dicks lately and jee-zus, Im sick of it.Someone in a community posted this and Ohhhhh its HILARIOUS!

Childfree people of the world, unite! Go shopping! go Clubbing! Have romantic affairs in Italy, France, at the top of the Empire State Building. Live your lives for you. Spend your days with your noses turned up at children and their woeful parents. Enjoy your state of philosophical superiority, knowing that none of your valuable time and energy is spent on the day-to-day concerns of child-rearing. Congratulate yourselves on escaping such a dreadful fate. Congratulate yourselves on being free, unfettered, alive until the end of your days! Live free! Live for Now! Carpe Diem.

We didn't want your self-absorbed, trivial, single-minded genetics in the fucking gene pool anyway.
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Halleluyah! [07 Sep 2005|07:35am]
After nursing for 14 months.....

I have finally weaned the child! My breasts feel full of rocks, he is cranky and trying to bite them when Im not looking...but he has not fed from them since thursday. I shall dance! My breasts are my own again!!

(keep in mind Im in louisiana and helping out at the shelter thangs so I nearly offered a breast to hungry infants since formula was in shorthand but...most people would have been offended. so I donated a buttload of formula too)
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George Bush Doesn't like Black People. [05 Sep 2005|03:04pm]
Ohhh I want that t shirt so bad!

Back from Houston. Had a blast...the houstonites are helpfull as hell when they see a louisiana liscence plate....we stopped to get a hotel....we walked in...were immediately handed a plate of food, and some pillows. We declined of course....we were on a planned vacation...not run out by floods. But everyone was very cool. Didn't run into the ex...huzzah! Got a new tattoo that needs a picture of soon. Its cute....I love being homies with artists!
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On fire too? [01 Sep 2005|02:00pm]
A friend of mine's husband is working rescue in New Orleans. He spent 27 hours straight the first run...came home, slept for 16 and went back. He has been calling to tell her about the stuff that is going on...they stopped the helicopters because crackheads have gone insane and are shooting at them.

But now New Orleans is on FIRE. Can we say bye bye to a Den of Sin? All the religious freaks are flipping out claiming armageddeon. Here in Ntachitoches of all places people have gone nuts because we have run out of gas. At the pumps people are trying to run each other over to get in line. We have a ton of evacuuees at the shelters and wiating at the fitap office for emergency help. This city is pretty much freaking out at the seams.

I heard a little girl crying for her puppy and her older sister snapped at her "dont you get you stupid??? the puppy is dead he DROWNED!"

Thats one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen a 7 year old say to a 4 year old.

All I can say is that I am very greatful for the chance to escape here for the weekend.
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.....Im not quite dead yet [28 Aug 2005|11:57am]
So I have not been paying attention to my little journal. I do this alot. I really need to change up the backgroun image I use....maybe to one of my darling kiddola....

Anyway...whats new?

Natchitoches sucks. I can't find ANYTHING to do. No jobs either although sam goodey promised that in 3 weeks they will have part time for me...

Im holding for applause.

Aside from that I am probably the most recognisable person in this aweful place for the simple fact that I am the only person with big tattoos. Or rather...with NICE tattoos. No jailhouse ugliness for me. Also yanno...I have piercings. I stretched my earlobes from a 4g to a 0g with very little trouble. I was bored! Horribley so! I have also gained 10 pounds in this craphole due to ungodly heat (yesterday it was 108 WITHOUT THE HEAT INDEX....WHICH WAS LIKE...115...wtf??) and probably because I have nothing to due but cook and sit on my ever expanding ass.

So without further adue I am now on fAtkins. Ive met too damn many people who have dropped large amounts of weight on it....some have kept it off like a certain convienience store clerk who dropped 120 pounds over 2 years ago....

I am now on day 3...yesterday I ate crabmeat, cheese, beef jerky and a mock chili made with turkey and mushrooms and cream cheese......today I have had.....leftover mock chili. Many glasses of water and it is lunch time so I ough tto be cooking instead of typing whilst the small and furious one sleeps.

13 months is the worst month EVER. He is creepy, clingy, mean, loud, obnoxious and loves nothing better than to scream for large amounts of time. Also I am weaning him off my breasts. THEY ARE MY BREASTS YOU CANT HAVE THEM ANYMORE!!!!

My ex....the infamous stripper fucking-christmas missing-coked out meth head emailed me the other day to appologise for yelling at me on the phone last month. He swore he is getting a job and will pay child support.

*crickets chirping*

That was a week ago...where is the email back to me about whether you got the job you asshat?

Next weekend I have a trip to houston planned with Michael....its BABYFREE!! I plan to drink, be eaten, and be merry. (did I mention there was a ban on intercourse for a month due to my shot not being good.....)


Thus concluding my infrequent journal entry.
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[06 Aug 2005|11:59pm]
Anyone around louisiana/texas area still formula feeding?

I have a shitton of similac advance I need to offload. I have 2 and a half cases.
Id be willing to sell it all for 50 bucks (it retails at around 125) It doesn't expire untill may 2006. Its the liquid concentrate stuff....

I never formula fed Gage much at all and the relatives thought extra formula would help? I don't know...
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